Monthly Archives: February 2017

WVLP coming together!

Yesterday children from Y3 in the 7 primary schools and children from Boston Spa School of the Wharfe Valley Learning Partnership came together to fight bullying through song. Each class had worked with Danny from Class Dynamix over the last few weeks. The energy and passion from the pupils was electrifying and they received a […]

Year 3 Class Dynamix

A huge Deighton Gates welcome to Danny from Class  Dynamix. Danny is here to teach the year 3 Class a song and dance that is aimed at uniting, inspiring and empowering young people. We will be performing with the rest of the schools in the WVLP at Boston Spa tomorrow. Keep posted for an update […]

Daisy’S Arctic Adventure yr 1

Daisy the class pet went on a fabulous Finland adventure , she saw first hand the climate and terrain polar explorers would have encountered . She also tried modern activities ,  snow mobiling, husky sledding , snow shoe walking and visiting a Sami farm !  Daisy proved to be an invaluable member of the team […]

Year 1 school trip

Polar Explorers in Year 1

Parents of Year 5, we now have some experts at laundry!!

Year 5 Put to work already in the workhouse!