Monthly Archives: November 2016

New staff in the staff room for Take Over Day!


Deighton Gates Takeover Day

A huge thank you to all the staff and pupils who have been involved in Takeover day. It has beeen a real success this year and enjoyed by all. Keep your eyes peeled for what happens next year !!!

Year 1 Multi Skills Workshop

Year 1 have had a special treat this afternoon at Wetherby High School. They have been involved in multi skills workshops organised by year 9 and 10 sports leaders. Thank you to Mrs Thompson for organising the event. Just look at them all go!!!

Miss Elgin teaching year 1 for ‘Takeover Day’

Miss Elgin is helping to teach year 1 today.  So far she has taken the register, taken us to visit Mrs Harrison (and Mr Hanson), explained how to do a wordsearch and told the class a story.  Thank you Miss Elgin!

Takeover day

Some of our year 6 pupils are getting involved in takeover day.

Takeover Day at Deighton Gates Primary School

 Mr Hanson has taken on the role of Headteacher for the day. Duties so far for the day include writing the newsletter, returning lost jumpers to Year 6, admiring the fabulous learning logs from Year 4 and meeting the whole of Year 1 who had come to see who was in charge of the school […]

Year 3 Homophone challenge

Look how many we knew !!  Could you beat us ?