Monthly Archives: May 2014

So proud!

Well done Oliver! What fantastic writing of your name. Advertisements

Fabulous writing

Well done Daniel!

Reception go Den Building today!

First, the tricky bit… We had to plan and talk about what we wanted our den to look like. Some decided on a quality built structure. Others just wanted as big as possible Mrs Bromley!

Ready to write and all before 9:00 am

Every morning now, the Reception children come in on their own. Take a white board and pen and write something about the picture that is up on the smart board. We are so very proud of them!

Ballistic butterflies!

The boys today have been going ballistic over their love of butterflies. Our caterpillars in class are growing bigger and bigger and we are watching out for the change into cocoons and then to butterflies. A stunning independent piece of writing!

Crazy caterpillars

The Reception boys have been going crazy today over caterpillars. They have been finding out information from books and then writing about them…

Breakfast Club

A tasty start to the day for Year 6 during SATs week.