Monthly Archives: March 2014

We are not just brilliant readers…

…we can knit too! Well, Darcy and Gabriela can, thanks to our knitting team. Advertisements

Reading more and more…

In Year 3 as well!

Overrun by fabulous readers!

Well done Year 5! Come on boys- the girls are showing you up!

Can’t get enough learning!

Ross and Robert in Year 1 have been doing extra work at home. Well done boys! Headteacher’s awards for you both!

My story

Miss Shedlow and Oliver are very proud of his autobiographical writing.

And the winners are…

Jack, Josh and Will have each won a trip to a bookshop to choose themselves a new book! By the reaction in assembly today, they were all popular winners.

The runners up in the extreme reading competition are…

Zayn, Isobel, Alexander and Olivia. They were voted for by the visitors to school over the last 3 weeks.They will each receive a £10 book token .