Monthly Archives: November 2013

Christmas is coming to school!

Don’t forget the Christmas Fair on Sunday at 12 noon. Come and see the decorations made by the children. Advertisements

Chloe leads the choir with Mrs Davis

Choir are practising madly for their first performance at the Christmas Fair! Jessica and Sophie were late because they are the teachers in year 4 today and were late and had to mark the books from this morning’s lessons!

Year 1 cooking bonanza

Y1 asked for some more cooking as a result of this they had cooking lessons ready for takeover day I wonder what they have baked ??????

Year 6 swapping teacher with a jam packed dodgeball lesson

Year 6 have a time of their lives escaping punctuation lesson with Mrs Tate and received a tiring dodgeball lesson with Miss Gunnell!

Miss Hall and Miss Bolton take charge of Year 4

In year 4 today Sophie and Jessica are taking over the maths lesson,they seem to be having FUN !!!!!!!!!!!

Miss Gunnell’s class music makers

Today as you know is takeover day and Y6 and y5 classes have switched around throughout today as you can see Miss Gunnell’s class are having a Music lesson with Mrs Cole to kick the day off!

At last!

Thank you to all those who helped make this fantastic Pudsey for Children in Need. It might take some time to count the pennies. It was certainly a big job picking them all up again! Can anyone guess how much we made?