..to hear our countdown to Christmas. It was lovely to see Mr Groom!   Advertisements

Year 3 are continuing to practice for our upcoming school carol concert .

This afternoon the Deighton Gates choir performed some of our best loved Christmas songs down at the Dickensian Fair. The singing was just beautiful and what a brilliant turnout too! Thank you to Mr Dancer, Mrs Thompson, Miss Welsh and all of the DG parents for their support. ­čśŐ ­čÄä

Tonight we went to Boston Spa High School to compete in the Sports Hall Athletics finals! We won the first round, made it through to the Semi finals, where we once again qualified and finished 3rd place in the cup final! Mrs Thompson, Miss Ridge and I are extremely proud of the children. Their true […]

Year 6 have worked incredibly hard to achieve first place on spelling shed.  Congratulations on all the additional work you have done as homework.

Well done Year 6 – we are very proud of you reaching the top 10 globally on spelling shed! Mr D ­čÖé

 Congratulations year 6, you are 41st on the national spelling shed leaderboard.